Let me introduce myself

Who am I? Well, i’m Andries van der Meulen. Now 28 years, live in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. I bought a little apartment there which I completely reconstructed in 2007/2008. For those interested, i kept a photo-blog in Dutch on this location.

And the more interesting part is why you should keep following my blog. I am going to write about User Experience Design, Interaction and Graphical Design. Integration with Application Lifecycle Management, etc. Why? It’s not like this subject is entirely new, but I noticed that it is highly underrated in a lot of development processes. And that’s really not good.

So besides that i try to explain why these subjects are so important, I also blog about my experiences as an User Experience Specialist.

Stay tuned, it’s gonna be interesting.

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  1. hvdkamp says:

    Welcome Andries.

    User Experience is indeed highly underrated, I heard a lot people who think that they don’t require a good user experience and seen projects where the budget for user experience was blown away completely (sadly).

    I do think that a good user interface helps customers adopt programs. An interface must be intuitive and self-explaining to customers.

    I hope you can show alot information on this topic! Good luck!


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