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Most people probably already know that Microsoft’s MIX09 event took place last week. Because I am specialized in Microsoft development, this event has introduced a lot of interesting new stuff.

But because there are so many people already blogging about the new releases and new developments, that I think it is really not necessary for me to start writing about it. For those interested I have a little link-list here about some of this published information:

The most interested I’ve seen so far is the new release of Blend. In this version there will be a great support of prototyping. This goes by the name of sketch flow and a session-video about this can be watched here. This with (finally) the integrated support for Team System, will be a great way for quickly creating impressions of the application within the ALM vision.

For all the new features in Blend 3 I want to redirect you to the following posts:


For our Dutch readers, Martin Tirion of Microsoft Netherlands has got some nice highlights posts about the MIX event:

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