Augmented reality

Augmented Reality It’s not like I’m a trend-watcher or something, but what I really noticed is the increase on topics for augmented reality.

Augmented reality basically adds a layer onto the reality. This can be done using a hand-held device.

Here are 2 cool video’s I saw last week that shows what can be done.


ARhrrr – An augmented reality shooter


Augmented Reality Pool (Skip to 02:01)


This will bring a whole new experience to end-users. Not just for information when you’re walking down the street. But just think about the possibilities also for Line Of Business applications.

In Logistics. Where information about vehicles, packages, assembly lines, etc. are shown when the planner, mechanic, driver, etc. are walking by.

In a lab. Where you can see all the information on various ingredients and mixtures.

In a storage department. In a grocery store. Almost everywhere where people work with real-life products, augmented reality can have real benefits.

I can’t wait to see this technique evolve and be able to use it.

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