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At home I have a Windows Home Server which also has µTorrent running as a service. Luckily this application comes default with a Web Access which allows you to manage µTorrent without having a user logged in on your server. (installing µTorrent on your server as a service described here.)

What happens is that the Web Access is made available on another port. Something like http://homeserver:39295/gui/. And this might become a problem if you want to reach your Web Client from outside your personal network. Of course you can solve this by setting the port-forwarding, but in my case I wasn’t allowed to reach non-default ports when I was at work. The firewalls block these ports.

But because I am allowed to reach the default port 80 on my home server, I wondered if it was possible to have the Web Client on the IIS of the Home Server. Unfortunately is the µTorrent Web Access client not meant for this, so I looked around to see if there where other Web Access clients which does the same.

I did found one solution, and although it worked, it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.

So i created a little personal project to create a really simple µTorrent Web Access client that runs on IIS, so I have access to it from work. And now I have something working, I might as well share it for those who want to use it (or extend it).


It is a very basic solution, with lots of improvement possible. But it works.

The communication with µTorrent is realized by the DLL in the µTorrent Web Client API Wrapper Library project on CodePlex. This worked like a charm, except it throws an exception when trying to delete a torrent. (Can’t figure out what it is, but the functionality still works, you just receive a message)

My solution is based on the ASP.NET Ajax Control Toolkit, so if you wish to develop on it, you need that installed. 

Download here the entire solution:

Download here the Web Access client:

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    Very phat!

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    Thanks about this information. Torrent is a big help to us in downloading some applications. It is very useful to me! Thanks.

  3. joueur poker says:

    Thanks great infos as always !

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