The Ten Commandments of User Experience

  • 1st commandment

    The user is always right

    You are not the user. Neither is your boss


  • 2nd commandment

    Understand the User


  • 3th commandment

    Avoid Solutioneering

    Identify & fully understand problems before finding solutions


  • 4th commandment

    Form follows function

    Form must play within the general realm of the familiar for easily understood functions.


  • 5th commandment

    Content is king

    Design is about communication, and takes more than pixels to communicate.

    95% of web users do not read 80% of your content.
    This doesn’t mean that your content isn’t important, it means it’s more important.


  • 6th commandment

    Innovate, do not Imitate


  • 7th commandment

    Access is for Everyone


  • 8th commandment

    Plan before you Design

    With our users in mind and the right vision, we can plan, and develop successful applications.


  • 9th commandment

    Understand the Goal

    Executives can no longer afford to formulate strategy without embracing user experience.

    If your website could do only one small thing, what would that one thing be?


  • 10th commandment

    Learn from Failure

    Failure is success if we learn from it.


From Nick Finck and Raina Van Cleave’s presentation from SXSWi.

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