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In the last months I’ve experienced a lot of problems with my current internet connection. Due to mysterious reasons there have been data-drops at random times for random periods.

I’ve contacted my ISP (, and told them my story. But every time they’ve called me back, they said that they could not find the problem. My connection was always fine.

Irritated by the fact that they could not solve my problem, I asked them what they would need to fix the problem. They answered that they need proof of the failing connection.

So I’ve created a solution.
At the moment they probably are only testing with pings, and my problem isn’t actually a failing connection, but data-loss due package-drops.
So I’ve searched for an small application that I can run on my HomeServer, which measures the internet connection.
Unfortunately I have only found Ping-testers, which wasn’t exactly where I was looking for.

Therefore I’ve decided to build my own tester.

Website Load Toolscreenshot

The website load tool is a small application build on WPF .Net 4 that will download data with a configurable interval from defined URI’s.
So you set up a series of websites with an test interval of 60 seconds, and keep it running for several days.
Changes of state are written in a Log, so you can collect you own evidence of the stability of your connection.

I’ve released the application on CodePlex, so everybody is free to use it.
It also can come in handy if you need to check network-stability or the availability of your website.

Get it at

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